At the Gardesana it is easy to let yourself be absorbed by the suggestion of history. 

And how can you not be fascinated by the placid swinging of the boats in the medieval marina, the romantic atmosphere, the solemn presence of the castle of the fourteenth century, the pleasure of a gourmet candlelight evening on the terrace overlooking the lake?


The excellence of the kitchen truly delights in a beautiful picture. 


The Gardesana Restaurant welcomes its guests on the lovely panoramic terrace (34 seats) and in the lounge (100 seats). 

Ideal for receptions, banquets and corporate dinners.


An excellent service completes the emphasis for "unforgettable moments"!



Time passes serenely in the blue tranquillity of the lake. One forgets the stress of frenetic everyday life and every problem seems easier to be solved.